Healthways, a well-being improvement company, wanted a newn service to generate a custom plan with small steps toward big improvements in their customer's lives. The well-being plan was based on the customer's results from their Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5™ survey and their personal interests. We created Well-Being Go as an iOS app, as web application.

Content Management Suite

I designed a content management suite to allow Healthways administrators to add, edit an delete suggestions, tips, and recommendations to the Well-Being Go apps. The management suite had several levels of data dependencies, all of which needed to be clear to untrained administrators.

As one example, content changes could be staged in a pre-production environment where managers could review the differences, and then a manager could publish the changes to the live server. The content management suite strictly enforced this paradigm, while allowing managers to easily access in-app help to validate that the updates adhered to existing content guidelines.

Public Landing Page

I also designed the Well-Being Go public landing page. The left-hand navigation mimics a recurring visual theme in the iOS and web applications in both layout and motion, priming the user for the post-sign-up experience.

Well-Being-Go administration interface showing a list of top-level content
Well-Being Go administration interface showing the user publishing their changes with warnings about the propagation of those changes through the rest of the application.
Well-Being Go Public Landing Page