College of William & Mary

College of William and Mary


In 2010, Earl Gregg Swem Library at the College of William & Mary wanted to redesign both their main website and the catalog-search functionality. They wanted their design decisions to be based on user tests of various members of the College community.

Main Library Website

I worked closely with the library IT staff to create and test various information architectures for the library's main website through the use of personas and formal and informal usability interviews, surveys and other methods. I made recommendations to the web development team, and help to integrate existing CSS styles from the College's main website into the Library's site, and applied those trends to a Drupal 6 installation.

Catalog Search Interface

I also designed and user-tested several versions of the catalog-search interface. The final interface could display several varied object types in one list, while allowing each to remain individually distinguishable. The user could slice their list by multiple facets to narrow the results. The final interface design could accommodate searching multiple information types across multiple platforms including mobile and desktop.

Main library website including redesigned search interface
Library catalog search results with facets