Cory Chainsman

UX Designer. Developer. Data Mangler. Librarian. Bicycle commuter. William & Mary alum. Internet-aholic.

About Me

I have 7+ years of experience in UX design, with additional work product management, libraries, digital archives and collections. I focus on meeting complex, interconnected requirements with simple, modular, reusable components and design systems. My designs are data-driven and user-centered. I have designed products and services for the web, desktop, mobile, embedded systems, kiosks, VR/AR, and voice interfaces.

I currently work as a Scrum Master and Senior Experience Designer at Cognex, a maker of advanced machine vision systems outside Boston, Massachusetts. My work at Cognex has been focused on usability of 3D computer vision and machine learning systems. Here is my resume. Check out some of my recent personal projects and my professional UX portfolio.

I spent my first 18 years in Madison, Alabama. After getting my BS in Biology from the College of William & Mary (with a brief stopover at the University of Alabama), I received my MS in Information Science and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from UNC Chapel Hill's School of Library and Information Science. My graduate work included preserving digital archives, managing and analyzing digital government/medical information, studying scientists' data archiving workflows, and promoting the free (as in beer and freedom) internet as a Wikipedian in Residence.

You'll find me around the internet as either corychainsman or cmchap.