How to use WebVR with the HTC Vive

Prerequisites: A Windows computer and the HTC Vive

  1. Get a browser that supports, WebVR
    we’ll use a special build of Chromium because the Mozilla WebVR team recommends it. However, Firefox's nightly builds are getting remarkably good in this regard, too.

    Download the most recent Chromium WebVR zip file from here: (the latest file as of this writing is called

    Extract the zip file to somewhere convenient for you (I used the Desktop), and run the application chrome.exe that’s in the first folder.

  2. Enable 2 Chrome flags
    Type chrome://flags into the URL bar and hit enter. We’re going to enable two settings here. First, find the WebVR flag, and enable it. Then find the Enable Gamepad Extensions flag, and change it to be enabled as well.

  3. Restart the the browser
    (It may make you do this after you enable each flag), but do it again just in case.

That’s it. Your browser is set up. Now, any time you want to use a WebVR-enabled website (e.g., you can use the special WebVR version of Chromium to go the url, pick up the headset and controllers, and start playing around!

NOTE : Depending on the website, you may need to click on a small VR-headset icon in the bottom right before the headset starts controlling the view.