This is a list of some of my personal projects. I haven't been paid for these things (...yet?!), and I work on them outside of my role as a professional user experience designer.

User Experience Design

Check out my professional portfolio for my UX work. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me on twitter at @corychainsman

Works in Progress



  • Raspberry Pi Water Sensor - instructions and code to make a homemade sensor to detect water/moisture. I used it in my parents' basement. More Info: github | fritzing
  • 3D Printed Tea Cup & Saucer - I modeled a cup and saucer as a gift for my girlfriend, but I couldn't get it printed in time for the holidays. So, I hand-drew a QR code in a card that linked to the website so she could at least enjoy the sentiment at the right time. More Info: website | github
  • General 3D printing stuff - I've built and maintained a couple of 3D printers, and this is a subset of my settings/models/whatnot. More Info: github | thingiverse


  • A (Mostly) Visual Guide to 3D Printing for Beginners - A GIF-filled presentation about how 3D printers work, and how to design objects for FFD 3D printing. More info: Slides on Google Slides | Slides as PPTX
  • Librarians & Wikipedia - Opportunities for librarians getting started with Wikipedia More info: Slides as PDF | Slides as PPTX


  • Supercut of NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton saying ""Dakar""  - because her voice is just so good when she says it... More Info: soundcloud
  • Alfred workflow for changing screenshot settings on the fly. More Info: packal repo
  • T-shirt design for Earl Gregg Swem Library. More Info: press release